Urology & Women’s Health

Our Capabilities

At PDC, we collaborate with engineers worldwide to design, develop, and manufacture micro-molded components for urology and women's health procedures. Our market-leading micro injection molding solutions support a range of applications, from advanced urological devices to innovative women's health technologies.

Our expertise in producing high-precision components ensures the reliability and performance of urological and women's health devices, ultimately enhancing patient care and outcomes.

Our state-of-the-art micro injection molding technology allows us to manufacture intricate components with exceptional accuracy and tight tolerances. With a vertically integrated tool room equipped with advanced CNC Mills, EDM machines, and grinders, we maintain meticulous control over the entire production process.

This integration ensures rapid turnaround times, unparalleled precision, and consistent quality in every component we produce.

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Why Choose Us?

Our success as a micro injection contract manufacturer stems from our expertise in micro tooling, precision micro molding, and over-molding sub-assemblies. Specializing in high-heat engineered resins, we offer extensive customization with additives and colors. Our vertically integrated facility supports the entire process from ideation to in-house tooling and molding, reducing risk and speeding time to market. We efficiently service projects from 10 to 10 million parts. Partner with us to experience the value of an experienced micro molding contract manufacturer.

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Streamline Production and Enhance the Functionality

In addition to our precision molding capabilities, we offer a range of value-added services that enhance the functionality and efficiency of your urology and women’s health devices:

  • Ultrasonic and Laser Welding
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Laser Etching
  • Multi-step and Multi-mode Assembly

By incorporating these value-added processes, we streamline production, reduce time to market, and provide the flexibility to scale operations while maintaining tight control over lead times and ensuring high-quality outcomes.

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Key Components for Urology & Women’s Health

As an experienced precision micro molding contract manufacturer, PDC understands the level of detail required for manufacturing critical components that make up urology and women's health devices. Below are examples of the types of components we specialize in:

  • Anchoring and Fixation Devices
  • Arthroscopy Camera Lenses
  • Balloon Catheters
  • Catheter Tips and Hubs
  • Connector Interfaces
  • Drainage Systems
  • Drug Delivery Ports
  • Drug Infusion Delivery Ports
  • Fluid Management Systems
  • Guidewire Components
  • Housing and Enclosures
  • Implantable Support Meshes
  • Incontinence Devices
  • Pelvic Floor Repair Devices
  • Radiopaque Markers
  • Seals and Gaskets
  • Urethral Stents
  • Valve Components

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